DF-G2 High Speed Expert Dual Display Fiber Amplifier

The DF-G2 series is the high speed version of the DF-G fiber optic amplifier family. The DF-G2 was designed to achieve the world’s fastest response speed and precise repeatability for fiber optic sensing applications. A much brighter LED and a more effectively coupled optical system was designed to extend sensing range and improve speed. The result is a sensor that can achieve 10 microsecond response time with 5 microsecond repeatability and detection ranges exceeding the competition.

Development of additional DF-G2 fiber amplifiers with specialized firmware for small object counting and models with white, green, and blue LED colors for registration mark applications is underway.

  • Response speeds of:
    • 10 μs (Super High Speed)
    • 15 μs (High Speed)
    • 50 µs (Fast)
    • 250 μs (Standard)
    • 500 μs (Medium Range)
    • 1000 μs (Long Range)
  • User has full control over all parameters:
    • Switch point threshold
    • Light Operate or Dark Operate
    • Output timing functions (One-Shot, On/Off Delay)
    • Gain level
    • Response speed
  • New highly visible red LED sensing beam for easy alignment to the target
  • ECO (economy) display mode reduces amplifier power consumption by 25%
  • Easy to read dual digital displays show both signal level and threshold simultaneously
  • Programming via displays and switches/buttons or remote input teach wire
  • Expert TEACH and SET methods ensure optimal gain and threshold for all applications, especially low contrast applications
  • Thermally stable electronics minimize warm-up drift and reduce the effect of side-by-side mounting of multiple fiber amplifiers
  • Cross talk avoidance algorithm allows two sensors to operate in close proximity for many applications
  • Sleek 10 mm wide housing mounts to standard 35 mm DIN rail


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