Miniature Flush Mount Switches Offer Sleek, Refined Style Without the Premium Price

When you want the best selection in high-quality switches, IDEC has sixty-five years of experience providing the parts and pricing you want! With a choice of metal or plastic bezels, various sizes (8 to 30mm), contact ratings and mounting options, IDEC switches add style and safety to any application.

The latest miniature flush mount switches from IDEC offer a streamlined package, perfect for applications requiring a clean surface appearance. A smooth design cuts down on surface area, preventing dust and other particles from accumulating, and making regular cleaning a breeze.

IDEC LB switches have a powerful 5A operating current plus an available 3PDT contact configuration for more flexibility within a small package. Projecting only 2mm when mounted on a panel, these switches provide a sleek, updated look. In fact, the contact block design only protrudes 27.9mm behind the panel, compared with 45mm for most conventional 16mm switches.

With a choice of metallic or black plastic bezels, and flush or standard mounting, these switches add style to any application. Choose from illuminated pushbuttons, pushbuttons, pilot lights, selector switches and key selector switches. Plus, new LED/lens technology, means LB pilot lights and illuminated pushbuttons offer bright LED illumination for superior visibility.

LB switches are also UL recognized, TUV approved, CSA certified and CE marked, as well as provide an IP65 degree of protection, making them ideal for instrumentation, medical equipment, food and beverage processing equipment, semi-conductor equipment, packaging, commercial appliances, non-industrial applications (train cab, parking machines and audio/visual equipment), computer peripherals, machine tools, panels and more.


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