TURCK's New Vprox 773 for Valve Position Sensing

TURCK Inc. introduces the New Vprox 773 Valve Position Sensors. The Vprox 773 sensor is an exceptionally durable sensor designed for use in hazardous areas found in many processing and manufacturing applications. These sensors are available with a potted-in cable or quick disconnect which allows for faster, more reliable installations.

The Vprox 773 sensor is a 2-wire AC/DC (20-250 VAC or 10-300 VDC) inductive proximity sensor with FM approval for use in Class 1, Division 2 hazardous location placement, and offers a NEMA 4, 4X and 6 environmental rating. The 316 stainless steel housing is ideal for the harsh chemical environments often found in these types of applications. The Vprox 773 has dual power (green) and switching (red) LEDs, which allow for easy sensor to target adjustment without the use of a meter. Since the Vprox 773 uses inductive technology, it has no moving parts that can wear, jam or break resulting in lower maintenance costs.

This innovative sensor has a 5/8" thread that will fit most industry standard valve brackets, and has a programmable output (normally open or normally closed) that is ideal for both valve and damper applications.


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