TURCK Super Cable (S529)

This TURCK developed cable construction is unique in the industry. PVC insulated inner conductors of high-flex stranding are sheathed in an oil-resistant PVC inner jacket, over which a braided copper shield is applied. An outer jacket of TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) is then applied to the cable.

This cable was developed for the machine tool and material handling industry as a solution to problems experienced with the high degree of abrasion, cut through and attack by cutting fluids found in those industries.

Advantages gained from this design include:

• High flexibility and strength in a relatively small cross section.
• Highly resistant to abrasion, cutting and crushing.
• Highly resistant to fluids that may otherwise cause failure due to embrittlement or softening in the presence of cutting
fluids, oils, gasoline and other petroleum-based fluids.
• Circular cross section of inner core and braid allows for easier stripping in the field.


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