SMVector Drives for Pumping Applications

No challenge is too great or single application too small. From industrial plants to OEMs to municipal water and wastewater treatment facilities, Lenze pump solutions are hard at work. Versatile and robust, our industrial drives and controls are cost-effective and low-maintenance. Our focus is on variable speed flow and pressure control so whatever your specific application requires, Lenze has the drives and controls to match form, fit and function.

Centrifugal pumps
Centrifugal, or Variable Torque pumps, are used in a wide range of commercial, industrial and municipal applications. Throttling valves are a common flow control method. Compared to a throttling valve, the lower power requirements of the SMVector VFD provide a greater energy savings. Operating at 75% flow reduces power demand by over 50% with an SMVector Drive, while a throttling valve requires about 90%.

Typical applications
•Chilled and Hot Water Pumps
•Condenser Water Pumps
•Booster Pumps
•Potable Water Pumps
•Chemical Pumps

Constant Torque pumps
Most Constant Torque pumps are also referred to as Positive Displacement (PD) Pumps. Using a VFD in these applications eliminates waste as the VFD tightly controls the volume pumped. While most VFDs are close to 100% starting torque, the SMVector Series offers 200% starting torque, allowing you to overcome the initial load. As a result, you can decrease the size of motor you are using, thus reducing the cost of the application.

Typical applications
•Metering Pumps
•Dosing Pumps
•Pumping highly viscous fluids or highly frictional loads
•Gentle fluid handling


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