New Measuring Heads for Linear and Rotary Applications

With the LIMES LI20 and LI50 Kübler is presenting a new generation of measuring heads in a particularly solid die-cast housing. Used in conjunction with its magnetic bands with their stainless-steel covering, the resulting linear measurement system stays sealed even in harsh industrial environments and offers security against failures in the field. The magnetic rings offer the user a remarkably compact measurement system for rotary applications where installation space is very tight. Installation depths of only 16mm are possible with a large hollow shaft of 30mm. The combination of rings and bands plus Kübler's flexible manufacturing facilities open up a wide spectrum of different geometries that can be scanned, such as for example pitch circles or curves.

The non-contact technology ensures high vibration and shock resistance. The products can also be used outdoors, thanks to the high IP67 protection rating, the permitted 100% humidity with condensation, the wide temperature range and the weatherproof die-cast housing. The metal housing also offers improved shielding against electromagnetic interference.

Installation can be carried out very easily due to the large permitted tolerances of up to 1mm, which apply not only to the distance from band to sensor head but also for lateral misalignment, as well as to the built-in LED, which gives a red warning signal if the distance from the band to the reading head is too great or if the speed is too high. A green light shows the index pulse. The wide supply voltage range from 4.8 to 30 VDC likewise facilitates installation. The connections are made via a high-grade shielded PUR cable that is also suitable for trailing cable applications.

The sensing head is available either with a push-pull output or an RS422 interface and supplies two channels plus a periodic index with the corresponding inverted channels. The resolution is up to 5 mm with quadruple evaluation and the repeat accuracy is +/- one increment. The maximum traversing speed is 25m/s.


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