Multiple Pump Control Meets UL 913, 6th Edition

SymCom, Inc. has introduced their ISS-105 IS Super Cell, a "smart," five-channel, intrinsically safe, multiple pump controller which meets UL 913 6th Edition (Aug 8, 2002).

Microcontroller-based, the IS Super Cell is capable of performing multiple duties and can operate as a pump controller for eight different pumping configurations where duplex, triplex, quadplex and duplex SPS (separate pump stop) pumping methods are possible.

Its versatility makes it ideal for use in a variety of industries including municipal water, wastewater treatment, chemical plants, manufacturing, mining, agriculture, forest service fire protection systems and other operations that cannot afford to be shut down, or risk the possibility of an explosion or fire caused by unsafe equipment.

The IS Super Cell can indicate low, high and out-of-sequence alarms and has a variable lag pump delay setting. Pumps can be controlled in alternating or non-alternating modes or with one non-alternating pump to employ a jockey or emergency pump which can be run every 50 cycles of the lead float to keep it working freely. Pumps can easily be disabled at any time when taken out of service for repair or maintenance.

When used as a five-channel relay, all five channels of the IS Super Cell can be set to positive or negative logic with the possibility of two latched relays and relay five can be configured as a delay-on-make or delay-on-break output with a variable time delay. Its compact package is DIN rail or surface mountable.

Celebrating their 30th year, SymCom, Inc. is an innovative manufacturer of electronic motor and pump control devices. Under the brand names MotorSaver® and PumpSaver®, SymCom products include single and three-phase voltage monitors, current monitors, load sensors, remote monitors, software, overload relays, intrinsically safe relays and custom controller boards to protect AC motors, compressors and pump systems. Approvals include UL, CE and CSA, and meet NEMA, IEEE and IEC standards.


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