New Inductive Sensors & HF-RFID Tags for High Temperature Applications

Especially for use in areas with very high ambient temperatures, Contrinex has developed new inductive sensors with integral electronics and new high frequency RFID tags.

Each year, in the M18 size alone, there is a world market demand of 30,000 units for high temperature inductive sensors with integral amplifier electronics and temperature resistance from minus 25°C to +180°C. They are used, for example, in automotive industry paint-shops, on hot electroplating lines, or in industrial bakeries.

Contrinex will in future offer new, high temperature resistant, standard sensors (series 600 Classics) in sizes M8, M12, M18, M30 and M50. In addition to the wide temperature range (minus 25°C ... +180°C) and high temperature stability, these sensors are characterized above all by an extended sensing range, a tight seal against moisture and humidity as well as excellent durability and long term reliability.

For use at temperatures above 180°C, the Contrinex product portfolio also provides suitable sensors. In this case, amplifier electronics are located outside the high temperature zone and connected to the sensor via a cable.

New high frequency RFID tags have been specially developed using Contrinex RFID technology (ISO 15693) to resist extremely high temperatures. They withstand without problem not only fluctuating temperatures, but also sustained high temperatures. This has been shown by tests in which the tag had to resist 2000 temperature cycles of 30 minutes at 25°C followed by 30 minutes at 250°C.

Moreover, the new tag will also withstand a constant temperature of 250°C for more than 2000 hours. This means that these special tags allow product traceability in extremely difficult environments, such as baking ovens in the automotive industry or metallurgical sintering processes. The new tags have IP68/IP69K protection.


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