Thursday, November 15, 2018

Protecting Roof Entry - Protecting Drop-Down Stairs - Attic Entry


Often the entry door from the garage to the house will be alarmed and the garage door will be left unsecured. An intruder can gain access to the garage door, enter the attic via the drop-down stairway, cut a hole through the ceiling between the joists, and drop into the house, all without triggering the alarm.


Position Sentrol switch on stairway frame, and magnet on drop-down portion of the stairway. There must be no interference to stairway mechanism from switch or magnet.

Permanently attach Interlogix switch to frame, and temporarily attach magnet to stairway with masking tape. Connect ohmmeter to switch lead, close stairway, and test for continuity.

Permanently attach magnet to stairway. Connect switch leads to alarm loop.

Note: A Sentrol surface mount switch like 2505A-L may be used. For high-security and wide gap switches, labels on switch and magnet must read in the same direction. Also, observe minimum and maximum gap distances for high-security switches.


1035W, 1045T, 1082, 1085W, 1085TW, 2500 or H series

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